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Best Casinos with Joker Poker Games

Joker Poker, also called Joker Wild, is a variation of Jacks or Better video poker in which the joker acts as a wild card. This means that you can use the joker to replace any other card from the deck to form a winning combination. The presence of the joker in the game in this way means that you will be playing with a deck of 53 cards, instead of the standard deck of 52 cards, which is used in most online video poker games.

The main distinctive details of the Joker Poker video poker design are high-quality graphics, blue colors and the presence of patterns. The field for dealing cards is located right below the combinations table, which lists all possible winning combinations, displays their multipliers and highlights the played positions in real time. It is noteworthy that the payout table has 5 sections, and each of them is provided for the corresponding number of credits in the rate. Thus, the more the user bets on the Joker Poker slot, the more he gets in the end.

Joker poker video poker is freely available at the lion’s share of online casino platform in India. Along with this game, Indians are most often looking for live casino options, as well as roulette games and online blackjack. Along with these interesting gambling games, gamblers can benefit from bonus offers and promotional codes.

Joker Poker Game Options

Joker Poker video poker uses a 53-sheet card deck. This is what distinguishes this version from other popular options. The 53rd card is the joker, which performs a special function, which is to replace the missing cards. Doubling of the winnings is possible in the risk game.

Restraint and conciseness prevails in the design of Joker Poker video poker. The color scheme was chosen successfully, therefore, it creates a positive impression and causes only positive emotions. The screen can be conditionally divided into 2 halves. There is a paytable at the top, where all the prize combinations and the size of the winnings are indicated, in accordance with each bet. Nearby there are sectors indicating the maximum reward and the name of the video poker. The main action will take place at the bottom. There are places for 5 cards here. The main background is filled with a geometric pattern in blue. The soundtrack matches the style of the video game.

The gameplay in Joker Poker is carried out using the function keys. They are at the bottom of the screen. With their help, the participant will be able to choose the size of the bet, gradually increasing it, or choosing the maximum indicator. The Deal key is used to deal cards. You can start the autoplay mode by clicking on the button with the corresponding inscription. The Double key opens the risk game round.

In Joker Poker video poker, winnings are awarded for winning combinations. They are classic and known to all players who are fans of poker. For each combination, 5 prize amounts are provided, depending on the rate at which the participant is playing. To start the game, the user must determine the number of credits using the keys on the control panel. Initially, he receives 5 cards on his starting hand. After assessing the situation, the participant can leave some of them, which will be used to build the prize combination. When the card is re-distributed, the selected card sheets remain in their positions, the rest of the cards are replaced with new ones. If the deal is successful, the user is paid a win.

There is a joker in the card deck, which acts as a wild element. This means that he can replace any card that is missing to complete the winning combination. The presence of the joker at Joker Poker makes it profitable for players.

How To Play Joker Poker

In Joker Poker video poker, you will receive five cards in your hand. Your main goal is to keep all the best cards in order to make the best winning combination out of them. Throw away all cards that do not seem suitable for you. You can leave the cards you want by clicking on the Hold button under the card itself or by clicking on the card itself. Leave all the cards that you want to keep, and then click on the Deal button. The dealer will automatically discard and replace those cards that you did not want to keep.

The winning combinations at Joker Poker, from the most valuable to the least valuable, contain the following hands:

  • Natural Royal Flush
  • Five identical cards
  • Royal flush with joker
  • Straight flush
  • Square
  • Full house
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Thrips
  • Two pairs
  • Kings or better

Joker Poker hand ranking is indicated as follows:

  • Royal Flush: A hand with five cards of the same suit, such as A, K, Q, J and 10.
  • Straight Flush: Contains five cards of the same suit in sequence.
  • Five identical cards: Contains wild cards and four cards of the same rank.
  • Four of a Kind: A hand that consists of four cards of the same rank.
  • Full House: Any trips plus a pair.
  • Flush: A hand that consists of five cards of the same suit, but not in sequence.
  • Straight: A hand of five cards in sequence.
  • Thrips: This hand is made up of three cards of the same rank.
  • Two Pair: Two pair, such as two sixes and two aces.
  • One pair: Two cards of the same rank, but only if they are kings or aces.

Joker Poker’s strategy is simple enough to learn and improve. The cards you receive can be placed in two categories: hands that contain a joker and hands that do not. The following description of the strategy will tell you what to do if you get a hand with a joker and if you get a hand without a joker.

If you get a joker hand:

  • Leave thrips or older.
  • Always keep four cards for a royal flush.
  • Always keep any four cards to a flush and four cards to a straight flush if they include a king, ace, or both.
  • Keep three cards for a royal flush.
  • Keep winning pairs of high cards (kings and aces).
  • Keep any three cards to a straight flush.
  • Leave any four cards to the flush without an ace or king.
  • Keep four consecutive cards straight.

If you are not dealt any of the above, discard all cards except the joker. It is very important that you always keep in mind that the joker is part of the combination you are looking for. For example, two eights with a joker are trips.

If you are dealt a hand without a joker:

  • Keep four cards for a royal flush.
  • Keep any three cards for a royal flush and four cards for a straight flush.
  • Keep any three cards to a straight flush.
  • Leave four cards to any flush.
  • Keep any four consecutive cards straight.
  • Keep cards for a royal flush if one of these cards is a king or an ace.
  • Keep the offsuit ace and king.
  • Keep the ace and king separate.
  • Keep two suited cards for a royal flush, which are lower than ace and king.

If you do not have one of the combinations mentioned above, discard all cards and exchange them for new ones.

Joker Poker Casinos

Joker poker casinos are inherent in the Indian market. This is due to the high demand for local gamblers. Let’s highlight the best online casino resources with Joker Poker games.


4rabet knows how to satisfy Indian players with attractive options:

  • There is a Joker Poker game with colorful graphics
  • You can play Joker Poker in demo mode
  • There is a text guide to video poker and slots
  • Best welcome bonus on the market (200% on first deposit up to Rs 20,000)
  • There are special promotions and promotional codes


22Bet casino pros:

  • Joker Poker among the most interesting games
  • You can play video poker for free
  • Many payment options to choose from
  • Bonuses and cashback options are attractive

LeoVegas Casino

LeoVegas casino is definitely considered one of the best in India and the world in terms of filling online games and bonuses:

  • Joker Poker game from a trusted provider Play’n GO
  • Joker Poker is available for free pre-play
  • Mobile casino among the top in India
  • Big bonuses and many different casino games

Jackpot City

Jackpot City pros:

  • Joker Poker game at the highest level
  • Premium conditions for other casino games
  • There are introductions and guides for beginner gamblers


Joker Poker is a game that is one of the simpler types of video poker that can be found in online casino in India and has a fairly high payout percentage of about 98%

Your main goal when playing joker poker is to keep all the best cards in order to make the best winning combination out of them.