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Online bingo games can seem a little risky to Indians, especially for those who are just trying to figure out what, where and how. But when you fully understand how online bingo works, you will have more than just crossing out numbers on your ticket: you will become part of the ever-growing bingo community.

When playing bingo online, Indians have many opportunities — once logged in, you can play bingo online, online slots, online keno and other gambling entertaining games. Online casino in India cater to slot machine players and those who like to cross out virtual bingo tickets. And also versatile players who are interested in all this! Don’t be fooled by the name “bingo” because you are guaranteed to get more than bingo games.

Before that, let’s discuss the different bingo game options available. Each bingo site offers three main types of bingo: 90 ball bingo with three prizes per game; One line, two lines and a full house; and 75-ball bingo in two versions: model-based bingo (where you match with a model and one prize is played) and 5-line bingo game (where five prizes are offered per game). But in reality there are many more bingo games, it all depends on where you play!

Some Dragonfish-backed bingo sites offer two more variations of the game: Roulette Bingo (a combination of bingo and the popular roulette game) and 52-Bingo (a bingo game that uses a standard deck of cards instead of balls). There are also other interesting options available, such as free bingo games and various types of bingo bonuses.

How To Play Bingo?

If you have never played Bingo before, you can still easily understand the rules of the game, as Bingo is a simple jackpot game in which many people compete in each horse for one (or more) winning prizes. However, there are several different formats in which this game can be played, and each uses slightly modified rules.

Indians are probably most familiar with 75-Ball Bingo. In this game, players acquire cards with a five-by-five grid. Fifteen numbers refer to each of the five columns, and usually each column is associated with one of the letters B-I-N-G-O. For example, B contains numbers 1-15, I — 16-30, etc. The cards contain randomly assigned numbers in each column from the corresponding range. In many Bingo flavors, the center square is presented to players at the start of the game as a «free square», which is mainly used to speed up the game somewhat.

The croupier in the online game announces the numbers one after the other, and the players mark the corresponding fields on their cards when these numbers match. The goal of the game is to become the first player to fill in the figures required for a particular game. Most often, players need to fill in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row of five fields in a row. Other different shapes are also possible: diamonds, four corners, frames, letters, full field coverage (so called «blackout»). In general, any shape can be used as long as players understand what it takes to win. Traditionally, after the player closes his piece, he must shout “BINGO!”, After which the presenter verifies the player’s ticket, and the player will receive a prize for this game or piece.

Other versions of the game are also common, even if they are less popular than the two main variants. 80-Ball Bingo cards use a four-by-four pattern, but this game is more like a 75-ball game, with the goal of players looking to win a prize often to cover all lines or shapes. The version of this game, 30-Ball, is a “quick” version of the game: players usually receive a three-by-three card, and the first person to complete the entire card wins the prize for that round.

Mobile Bingo Games

The mobile experience of bingo games is almost the same as what you get on a PC. Most of the casino sites created for Indians are freely accessible from mobile devices. Owners of Android, iOS, Windows Phone can download mobile applications and enjoy games and bonuses simply from their mobile phone. It’s simple and as convenient as possible!

Top Bingo Bonuses

Generous bonuses are an integral part of the online bingo game. You can find information on the latest offers of licensed online casinos in India in our reviews. If you are interested in any online casino or offer, you can use it directly on that platform.

Usually resources offer such types of top bonuses as:

  • The welcome bonus is a first deposit bonus. For example, the welcome bonus from 4rabet India has a 200% offer.
  • Free games and free bonuses.
  • Specialized casino bonuses.
  • Promotions and promotional codes.
  • No deposit bonuses for Indians.

Types Of Bingo Bonuses

Once you open an account, you will need to find a way to deposit to it in order to be able to receive different types of bonuses. For bingo games and bonuses, there are various banking options used for online gambling, and they more or less duplicate the options offered at online casinos. If you are not familiar with them, the following are explanations of the methods most commonly used by players:

  1. Credit Cards: Can Credit Cards Be Used For These Purposes? Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted in the online gaming world, although issuing banks have the final say whether they want their cards to be used on such sites. This means that you may find that some cards are not processed on some sites that you want to play on.
  2. Electronic Wallets: These services allow you to keep money in a virtual «wallet» with which you can make deposits, process withdrawals, or send money back to your bank account. Typically, an e-wallet connects to a bank account, credit card, or other funding source, and you can then use the e-wallet to coordinate all of your banking transactions. Skrill and Neteller are popular e-wallets in the gaming world, PayPal (arguably the most famous e-wallet for general purposes) is also accepted on some sites.
  3. Bank transfers: If you don’t want to deal with intermediaries, you can always simply transfer funds directly from your bank to the desired site. This is usually done using the so-called «e-check» — this is the slang name for a standard bank transfer. For larger transactions, a non-cash payment is also possible.
  4. Prepaid Vouchers / Cards: You may want to use cash to fund your game, but you cannot take and send a few dollars to your favorite site. Instead, you can purchase a prepaid product that you will receive along with a code to use on the site you want to fund your account. PaySafeCard is a popular prepayment option.

Best Bingo Site Selection

Choosing the best bingo site is not limited to the performance of the game. Let’s define the top casino platforms that offer bingo, as well as many other interesting options.


4rabet is one of the best casino sites for playing bingo. Their options include:

  • Good selection of bingo games
  • Welcome bonus 200% up to Rs 20,000
  • There is a cool mobile application for casino games
  • A text guide to the bingo game for beginners


22Bet pluses:

  • More than 5 types of bingo
  • Good winning opportunities
  • Many ways to withdraw funds
  • Bonuses and cashbacks

Pure Casino

Pure Casino pros:

  • Bingo game is presented with dignity
  • Targeting Indian tastes
  • Great welcome bonus up to Rs 10,000


10Cric pros:

  • Excellent casino platform for Indians
  • Online bingo addicting
  • Lots of casino bonuses and promo codes
  • Fast payments


Online bingo is a casino game in which each player receives a card with randomly printed numbers. The winner is the one whose card was the first containing the winning combination.

To win bingo, find your favorite game and casino site and buy multiple tickets if possible to increase your chances of success.