Best Online Roulette Casinos In India

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Best Roulette Casinos for Indian Players

Online roulette — what is it? This is a casino game that is available to Indians on a par with online blackjack or video poker. It is an exact copy of the gambling game that is presented in stationary casinos. The only difference is that the operation of a regular roulette is controlled by a special mechanism, while a virtual one is controlled by a random number generator. RNG is more reliable and provides an impartial gameplay experience for Indian fans. This means that it is impossible to find out what number will fall further here. Here it remains to rely only on your luck and honesty of the best casino sites that offer their services in the Indian market.

Roulette rules are simple. To receive the winnings, the player must place a successful bid. Ideally, he needs to guess the specific number at which the ball will stop. But since this is difficult to do, there are other betting options — on several numbers, cell colors, and so on.

Having figured out what roulette is in an online casino, what rules and types of bets it provides, you may have an irresistible desire to play. But do not rush to place bets on money right away. Roulette is one of those gambling entertainments that requires careful mastering. That is why it should be run free first on the best Indian gambling platforms. This version of the game has many advantages, we highlight three main ones:

  • The ability to fully master the rules and features of roulette.
  • Gain experience and develop tactics for the game.
  • Decide on the most suitable type of roulette.

When you are confident in your abilities and ready for a risky game, then choose the mode for money. It will provide good emotions and give you the opportunity to become the rightful owner of all the funds won. It’s very simple actually. One has only to find the best site with all kinds of roulette and other options that are important to Indians. Next, you should enjoy the benefits and make deposits.

Online Casino Roulette Wheel Strategies

Many Indian beginners are wondering how to play online roulette to win. It is important to understand that it has a random number generator. Most, having learned about the options for their favorite entertainment, will think that it is impossible to increase their chance of getting big prizes. However, they are wrong, there are several correct strategies that will help you understand what online roulette is, how to win at it. There are 3 working methods, they are as follows:

D’Alembert. In the course of this system, it is recommended to decrease the initial size of the bet by one if you win and increase it by one if you lose. As you beat the online casino at roulette, you will thus cover the unsuccessful rounds thanks to the effective bets.

Three chances. This system will help you answer the question of how to make money at online roulette. Using it, it is important to place three equal odds bets at once. Experienced players recommend following this combination: red / black, even / odd, small / large numbers. At the same time, they advise to allocate equal amounts for each bet, otherwise the technique will not work. If you lose, they will increase in the following progression: 1-2-4-6-8. At the same time, you must conduct the gameplay at fixed odds. This means always choose small and odd numbers, or the red sector. If you win, be sure to return to the original amount. However, in this case, it is allowed to choose other equal odds bets for making a bet.

Relaxed System. If online roulette does not give winnings, how to win? This technique works even in hopeless cases. You will need to place bets on two dozen, but you need to choose them according to a certain scheme. First you need to do 2 scrolls, this is necessary in order to see which dozen of numbers were winning. Then you need to bet on them until the online roulette gives you prizes. In this scheme, failures cannot be avoided, but there is a way to cover them. After each empty spin, the bet size increases in the following way: the first and last bets are added.

The strategies described above are not difficult to apply, they do not require complex mathematical calculations, but at the same time they are very effective. It’s best to try them all and then decide which one earned the most prizes. However, professional players use all systems from time to time, so they win more often.

Roulette Games

It is important not only to know what roulette is in an online casino, but also to have an idea of what varieties it is presented in. Let’s say right away that there are more than 10 variations of such gambling entertainment. Let’s take a look at the most popular options from a selection of «roulette India» and «live dealers casino India».

European Roulette

The rules of European roulette are very clear for Indian enthusiasts. Let’s start with the fact that its wheel includes 37 numbers — from 0 to 36. All cells with them are arranged in a chaotic order. At the same time, one half of the numbers is colored red, and the other half is black. Only the zero sector is represented in green.

Immediately it is worth dwelling on how the American roulette differs from the European one. The difference lies precisely in the zero sector. In European roulette, there is only one. Whereas in the American variation of this game there are two zero sectors — 0 and 00. That is why American Roulette is considered more risky, because the house edge in it is 5.26%, instead of the usual 2.63%.

Let’s take a look at the difference between European roulette and French roulette. First, the difference is that French Roulette has an additional field for oral bets. Secondly, there is a special rule in French roulette called La Partage. According to it, if, when betting on equal chances, the ball falls on the zero sector, then the player is refunded 50% of the bet amount.

European online roulette instead of the LaPartage rule provides for something else — En Prison. According to it, when the ball stops at the zero sector, the bets on equal chances are rolled over to the next spin. If within its framework zero falls out again, the player will lose his money, otherwise he will return it back to himself without additional payments.

American Roulette

Let’s take a look at what American roulette is. It, like other types of such entertainment, consists of a wheel and a betting field. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that in addition to the numbers from 1 to 36, it includes the «zero» and «double zero» sectors. Because of this, the house edge is 5.26% (double that of European roulette). Moreover, if you place your bets on 0-0-1-2-3, then the advantage of online casino in India increases to 7.9%.

Despite the high indices of the casino advantage in this kind of roulette, it does not discourage Indian fans to play roulette game. On the contrary, this feature of American Roulette only fuels interest in it. This game is preferred by all those who like increased risk and want to plunge into the sea of ​​drive and indescribable emotions.

If you have chosen American roulette, you should definitely know how to play it. The rules are pretty simple here. The player places bets, starts the roulette wheel and waits for it to stop. After that, it remains only to find out in which cell the ball is located. Based on this, the bet results are announced. Those of them that have been successful are paid. Losing bets go to the casino. To win, the player needs to guess where the ball will land.

American roulette online, like other types of this game, provides for outside and inside bets. The latter are more risky. However, they provide more generous odds. Outside bets are paid more modestly, but they are much more likely to be successful. That is why they are more in demand among players.

French Roulette

Online French roulette has a number of characteristic features that distinguish it from other types of similar entertainment. Among the main ones, the following points stand out:

  • the playing field is divided into 37 sectors
  • provided by zero, is green
  • 10 types of basic bets
  • there is the possibility of oral bets
  • there are internal rates for several numbers
  • En Prison and La Partage rules apply
  • low house edge equal to 1.35%

Many Indians are familiar with French roulette, its rules should be considered in more detail. In particular, En Prison (equal chances). It is simple enough that it is easy to remember. So, if during the game the ball falls into cell 0, then the bet is sent to the «prison». It will be possible to return it the next time you scroll. When the ball is in cell 0 again, the amount will be given to the player. If this does not happen, then he will lose the amount wagered.

The La Partage rule in online French roulette is somewhat different. According to it, when the bet goes to jail, the player is given a choice — to take half of the amount at stake, or to continue the game. In the second option, he will be able to return the money, but only if the next bet is successful.

Live Roulette

Thanks to the rapidly developing technologies, there are unique opportunities that were never even dreamed of before. One of them is the ability to play live casino roulette online with live dealers. This is the latest innovation that significantly distinguishes Live casino games from other types of gambling entertainment. Among the advantages are the following.

Revitalizing the gameplay. Communication with real people allows you to create the illusion that everything around is happening in a real gambling house, and not in an online casino. The user can communicate with the dealer, while online slots are completely impersonal.

Improving honesty and transparency. The Indian gambler sees every move of the casino dealer in real time. This helps to better understand the rules of the game, and also to make sure that the machine does not «wind up» the results.

Imitation of a real game of Live Casino Roulette, as well as a number of card types of entertainment. There is nothing more interesting than visiting a real gambling house. Not everyone can afford it, because today there are not so many of them and they are located in large and expensive corners of India.

Best Roulette Sites

The best sites that have roulette in their casino options are considered to be those gambling platforms that widely provide the best deals to Indian players. Let’s highlight the top 5 famous casino sites that, according to our reviews and research, deserve the most attention and respect from Indians.

  1. 4rabet
  2. Royal Panda
  3. Betway
  4. 10Cric
  5. 22Bet


4rabet casino site offers such exceptional online roulette options as:

  • More than 40 types of online roulette
  • Games from the best software providers
  • Good live dealer games
  • Huge welcome first deposit bonus
  • Great chances of a successful game for Indian gamblers

Royal Panda

Royal Panda casino platform has a number of its advantages:

  • About 50 varieties of online roulette games
  • Has its own roulette
  • Provided a guide for beginners who want to play
  • An attractive site for Indians with good conditions


Betway casino site is notable for its big name and good options regarding online roulette:

  • About 10 games
  • There are European and Auto roulette games
  • Good chances of success
  • Explained rules of the game


10Cric knows what Indians need, including the characteristics of online roulette:

  • Enough online and live casino roulette games
  • Only accepts Indian players
  • Verified providers only
  • There are specialized casino bonuses


Online roulette is one of the most popular games on casino sites. The goal of such a game is that the gambler needs to guess the number and/or color on which the ball will stop.

To play online roulette, you need to have an idea of its rules, types of bets, and varieties. Choose a reliable casino platform for this and enjoy the game!

If you care about the reliability and legality of online roulette in India, then you have no reason to worry too much. Most online roulette sites are completely legal in the Indian market, as they have foreign licenses.

4rabet is considered the best online casino platform for playing roulette. It has tons of games from the most reputable software providers, as well as nice bonuses and fair gameplay.